Rara Aves

by Zachg

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Conceived, composed, and Recorded between April and June 2011 by Zachg. Some of the lyrics were a lot older.


released August 24, 2011

Track 1 is music created by my friend @CampoElRey
Track 6 is music created by my friend William Ryan Fritch
The entirety of this album has been mastered by Odd Nosdam.
Everything else is the work of Zachg.



all rights reserved


Zachg Los Angeles, California

Born and raised in the Everglades at the fringe of Broward County, lived in NY, and now in SF Zachg raps, and makes beats. His music is influenced by everything from Liquid Swords, to My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, to cLOUDDEAD, to Future Days, to Punk in Drublic, to Raga Malkauns, to Esperanza, to In C, to Remain in Light, to Stankonia, to Another Green World--it's all in here. #KeepOnIt ... more

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Track Name: Save Me
***got a beast in me/
Can't be unhungry
Aint believin me/
Then you best run from me
I'm only human till I slip back to the animal
Then it is apparent I'm on animal
Don't think just act like an animal

Yall aint see me struggle cause I hide it so well
Prolly see a cool dude but I feel a hot hell
Got a fury in my veins pumpin out a deep well
Blood thicker than wayer but both them things swell
And if you put me under pressure aint no tellin who kill
So save me from myself before I come up out this shell

These pages
In this book
This life
These breaths that I took
These rights these wrongs I overlook
Don't wanna see nobody hang but there's blame on this hook
Got me gotta go bang leave somebody brain cooked

Through these lines I be sinkin
They so stuck up on my color think
how pink is him
Color be the crime old mindstate the prison
beat the rap with the rhythm
And I rise
Beat the rap with the rhythm and I rise

I aint totally bent and I'm in good shape
Can't be totally spent flow at an infinite rate
Try to hold it all in to make it ok
Cause if I let a little out it aint gon stop at today
I know the virtues of benevloence but my soul don't say

shit about that when the shit pop off
I just be aimin for the fan lettin the shit fly off

And I obliterate the handle can't take it back
I aint ask for none of this came through this world as Zach
I keep my temper to myself until yall take it off the rack
You think you wanna try it out but there aint no naps
For these stakes where I'm at

It's just good night life
See I aint got no wife
Man I'm married to the rage
And my vows precise
Only so long I abstain
Before this beast come ripe

***got a beast in me/
Can't be unhungry
Aint believin me/
Then you best run from me
I'm only human till I slip back to the animal
Then it is apparent I'm on animal
Don't think just act like an animal***

It's just another cold mornin on the North Coast/
Another day being me in this first row
Seat to the show of incredible potential
Pullin life up outta nothin Im rejectin the stencil
Push it free form
And I aint talkin bout a pencil
or some paints or none of that
Born to a father and mother but I'm son of rap
bright over the morning ball of fire man I'm sunnin rap

aint got big dreams this just a big soul
Aint bout the bullshit you could save that for the pixels
Picture art
take these holograms to school and then I take em apart
Cause I don't shine hard
I emit soft light
You won't find me at the bar drinkin tomorrow's piss tonight
I'm on the dancefloor
Cause I dance more
And I aint sayin it to rhyme it's cause I dance more

More swag than a mile long jellyfish
Bioluminescing fools like what the hell is this
Aint you got no gucci no louie or no prada
Man Bambaata had a grandfather
And you act like everybody wanna spend dollas
On pimped out collars
So when the fate holla
You gettin yoked up
Couldn't deal with being broke now you croaked up
Man you a hustler and all yo money smoked up
Man you a throwback gnagster and them wheels aint spoked up
They asked who's you and you ass aint spoke up
But when you with yo homies man you talkin bout you locced up

In a dark night on a dark sea
I'm out them dark days I'm a bright me
through a prismism find the
Light from the round bend
Spread through the timing
Revealing Roy G Biv
You know what a queen is
Something outdated aw gee whiz
You could leave that to Beaver in the past
Future been up in the present if you see past
All the old bullshit you repeatedly stack
In the midst of the endless expanse of experience
Yesterday's you just blockin the view
Yesterday's you just blockin the view

I paid my dues up front I don't rent I reside
Life is a balance now I'm on the light side

Sayin life is a balance now I'm on the light side

Light side

***got a beast in me/
Can't be unhungry
Aint believin me/
Then you best run from me
I'm only human till I slip back to the animal
Then it is apparent I'm on animal
Don't think just act like an animal***
Track Name: The Rare Bird
Yeah its zachg
Ok since last week
I aint showered but once
I take it run it and stunt
I'm in the air tough punt
Get low surprise bunt
Make toast and rise up
From rye disguise rust
In art to buy trust
From the universe and flip that to a life that erupts
I take this title and rub
Another one out
I set fire to fun don't put the fun out
Let it burn motherfucker
Let it burn
I'm fillin urns motherfucker
Fillin urns
I take your turn and call it leave the track screwed
You're fuckin with a whale when it comes to attitude
I could make you kick the bucket turn you pale get the shovel leave you buried and bruised
Come on we marryin you fools
You gettin offed 2 by 2
Aint no arc in this curve
I lay it down bitch I swerve
Rap in cursive my words
Completely free from the cure
Man I am ill in the flesh
Forget my spirit what's next call it dimensional sex
Because I'm in and I'm out so superhuman
I flex
And turn my shirt to dust
and I'm ridin on a broom so I'll be sweepin it up
At the same time
Rap wizard out the same mind as einstein and levi strauss
The bush aint what I beat about
Girl I make that coochie sing like a soulful burning bush
I'm an incredible hebrew
Face so cereberal
Whole being see through

And if I front it's cause I'm workin at a grocery store
Talkin last shift bumpin I re-gross I do more
I pick up thje microphone like its attached to the floor
Cause I make the shit bounce
Talkin ughhhh
Get up yall know the game
I aint worried bout the praise you aint gotta say my name
Open up my mouth let the words do they thang
Say hello to my brain I rap the truth and its plain
I don't stay true to no plane
I'm outta too many frames
I'm talkin 7-D pimpin man my pimpin aint played
By these humans these people
The big bang happened so I must be the sequel
Eagles and herons ospreys and seagulls
Pelican comparin to a toucan
And they starin in the same mirror
Right next to each other
Like long lost brothers
One in the jungle and one on the shore
Come on and Bust it bitch tumble make some love on that floor
Aint give a fuck about your sales imma settle the score
And if you try to talk again
Man imma settle it more
See you dip in shit's creek
With shit paddles
Shit oars
Man I'm whaloin on this beach from tomorrow
Sevn years and four score
Talkin I ate everything like fourty four fours
And if life's a bitch I got that bitch on all fours
And she's cleanin up my bathroom while I'm chillin next door

Track Name: Night Drums
I can make it go upside down/ I aint really here I'm off the crust right now/ I aint needed winnin I'm off the cusp right how/ It feel to defy all gravity/ Brilliant Just brilliant Brilliant Just brilliant*** Came up out the womb with my body all broke/ But imma get it anyways relentless I joke/ No hands and i poke Fun at most folks/ Aww man I'm sick you keepin up let's toast/ To the sand and the water and the land for the coast/ To the/ rooster and the hen and the egg for the yolk/ That mix the butter flow slow bearnaise I aint forgot about the herb don't forget my name/ If I don't press these buttons will the earth rotate/ Call me desmond brother we gon ice this cake/ Off that shackleton bad its in the bag no cape/ we be walkin in our sleep so we can fly when we're awake/ I put the puffer in the tank and get real widdit/ You call it limits of the real I call it least that I can do to get experience and feel/ What it means to be/ More than human/ I'm talkin easily more than ladderin and shootin/
Life a ocean or a pool imma cue it with the music/ Providing explicit movement/ Watch them tubers get to tubin/ That's right we rootin/ Past might we movin/ Travel bright Get the message and use it/ bust illusion Down to a curve of light/ Then I put it in my pocket and I use it at night/ Kinda harry potter rockin in this magical life/ But 8 ball corner pocket aint forgot about the game right/ Livin what my name like Prophet that god remembered/ Don't forget and plus I'm clever witty Ride in the city and ride in the sticks/ Straiight slick is the committe amphibian shit/ Like ribbit where my frogs at/ ribbit where my newts at/ ribbit where my salamanders and my toads at/ I'm like ribbit ribbit ri ri ri ribbit*** I can make it go upside down/ I aint really here I'm off the crust right now/ I aint needed winnin I'm off the cusp right how/ It feel to defy all gravity/ Brilliant Just brilliant Brilliant Just brilliant*** All these days I wait for you I see no walrus and no eggs but now I am you/ Chillin in the fabric/ Many common threads Log cabin/ we build our homes from our surroundings And we deep in it/ See the core of the earth in heat wave vision/ And the content of the planet geographically exquisite/ But the content of the planet politically divisive/ Rich in the belly and the word is incisive/ And remoras on your belly cause you sharks have risen By ill means/ Rape pillage and kill things/ Burn forests stack buildings/ And pack plastic in buildings/ As a culture we revealin in the end there's no feelin: Ask maury who the baby daddy is/
So we can watch it on tv and laugh bout your kids/ Give em less pay more hours work em harder/ Push em to the grave and then charge em at the parlor/ Fuck a dead corpse fuck em longer fuck em harder/ And then beat a dead horse hit they kids with the ardor/ I aint gonna be a martyr cause I won't die/ Since I been off this cloud potion I stay most high/ Enlightened out the tao I am less guy/ And more guy to the tenth/ Changin dimensions got the universe bent/ Cause I whip it hard/ Make it split apart
I could split a million digits in a pie chart/ Or spit a sick vision enumerating pi's parts divide bars/ And break down rap mathematics To supply starts/ To the spark plugs in all these old american cars/ Man I done flooded out the levy to bring that shit back/ Yall just sittin in the chevy readin jack Kerouac/ Cars the symbol of a time when all we did was bust the mold/
So now we waitin out this life and that steel past cold its on die and corrode/ But the spirit in the them buckets be the sap out our souls/ So where you gonna pour it?/ I'm a peasant eatin porridge/ But I'm my peasant/ Fillin out my own headin/ And I buy my own pens/ Labelin my own legend/And I draw my own map/ Until my ink ends/ Decide who I call back/ Decide the where's and the when's/ Of everything I do because fuck an employer/ When we ruled we didn't get ruled over/ We put the rule over/ but now you got less rights than the makers of coca cola/ you gotta beat a dead horse to get to the marrow out/ Wanna eat the sparrows nest go get the sparrow out/ What the fuck you care about Yeah I'm askin/ So what the fuck you care about yeah I'm askin?/ Cause really you aint shit if it aint about action/ And I aint bout to blink twice bout movin or packin ***
I can make it go upside down/ I aint really here I'm off the crust right now/ I aint needed winnin I'm off the cusp right how/ It feel to defy all gravity Brilliant Just brilliant Brilliant Just brilliant
Track Name: Leave Up Level UP
where do we go when we sleep/ What do we sweat when there's heat/ Why do we ride to these beats/ When did our time get so cheap/ And Who gonna make it all cease *** Born on earth but I'm not at all/ Stretched my mind and my body grew tall/My head gone fall/ my brain go splat/ And I rewind time and I preview that/ In the past/ I get my kicks cause I give em/ I know my voice I speak with a rhythm/ Smile right here But my face stay hidden/ you never know a river when you're in it/ We still don't sleep like fishes/ dreams are the stuff that stitches/ The fabric of lifee to our wishes/ Time be the needle sewn in see the minutes/ And in space we rise no physics/ Could ever really tell us bout limits/ So if fins what you see then fins what it be/ enough same in it all to forget you and me/ Forget about you and me (repeat)/ No beach no desert/ No pulley no lever movin sands of time and make glass with my weather/ Shine on burn
Sun on vacation asked me to post so I hold my dog station/ Stunt for the canon and cheese for the Nikon/ Leave my house and I don't leave the lights on/ But the light in my attic stay lit off static/ Get the thang poppin like the atoms on panic/ God damnit I done wished for a planet/ And now I got a galaxy to manage *** where do we go when we sleep/ What do we sweat when there's heat/ Why do we ride to these beats/ When did our time get so cheap/ And Who gonna make it all cease *** Yo no off the dome I'm off the triceratops/ Don't pop or lock just rock/ Heavy knots/ Tied from the strands of the lives that I got
Uh huh big bows and ribbons/ Oh yeah like bones in women/ I give her mine I take it back rib with a rhythm/ Yes I split em I'm cold like fission/ Shackleton bad no boat just a beat/ Survive in life off of plants more than meat/ No circle complete if you add it to a strand/ And time still pass no glass no sand/ Take man for exam_/_ple And your superpowers bound to fail/ My tail in my past and my wings in my future/ Caught mad flack but never ever been a loser/ Clark kent flesh yeah I'm so super At passin through smooth/ Best attitude on a beast this bad/ keep the rampage I'm on my Grape ape swag/ Cant break my stride cant make me mad/ Yeah I'm free but I won't be had/ Seriously deep Marianna trench drag/ My feet through that when I sleepwalk/ I beatbox/ When I'm in the street no kipa/ But if dope your religion i be wht you believe/ I'm a cat lover's kitten flight change no fees/ The highest of high invisible to the scene
Far from tradition yet close to the essence/ Born on a breeze the kind that freshens/ Worked for a rep yeah the kind that impresses/ But it aint shit to me if it walks and talks/ Bottle full of water and a box full of chalk/ Liquify lines and evaporate punks/ Chillin at the beach house smoke then I stunt/ Trampoline steez got bounce got bump/
Track Name: Worm I Worm High
Worm from the apple to your mouth like high/ I was hoping you could point me to the pie in the sky/ Or at least the baker with the recipe see my/ Friend took off last month and I
Remained with the apples to prepare/ And I packed and I stowed and I cleaned and took care/ To dust out the cracks
And then seal up the cracks/ To stack up the sacks and take all the sacks and stuff them inside of the one biggest sack/ It's a wonder in fact to just re-see your space/ Like leaving and moving to a different place/ And you see we had figured if packed and delivered/ In apples not slivered/ But whole and in tact we get baked to the pie in the sky/ Just like that/ It was then stated fact/ So we consulted yelp and googled around/ And found that a baker in this very town/ Used entire apples in the jewel of his crown/ A recipe for royalty/ Fit for a king who was rotten with spoiling/ And where was it served you might find this obsurd
But united arab emirates / My g that's my word/ From this worm mouth you heard/ You the truth of this tale/ That's shovel and pail/ Pitchfork and haybail/ Finger and braille
Monty pythong and grail/ The one that is holy/ Only cause it is moly/ They put out this sun to try and control and me/ So I went underground and ate up the dirt/ I came out at night/ Saw the earth that's my work/ Cause I fix up the broke/ And I egg up the yolk/ I go between animals and plants like a rope
Of strange textures and motion/ From the bike that you ride to the weed that you're smoking/ Worms eat up earth that makes earth where you're floatin/ It's life that we're quotin and we don't say a word/ Cause we speak the unspoken and make the earth turn
Track Name: Wishin on a Cloud
A high state of mind my thoughts are mad leavened/ Wishin on a cloud like this my first day livin/ Rain hidden till the vapors push the limit/ And the water fall down/ Cause it condense right
Are we reachin saturation is there less life/ Left then passed/ see we cuttin back the grass/ But the yard keep shrinkin/ There's a hole in the glass/ And our minds aint thinkin bout that leak right/ Go to take the last sip and find a flea bite/ Breathe for a second and consider what you felt/ Weigh fleeting moments with the metals that we smelt/ To fashion into trinkets and distinguish ourselves/ No real benefit no correlation to health
Just dancin on the earth's crust/ Heart pound and the head rush/ Life don't slow down to defends us/ From the foolishness of humans racin to the finish/ like we saw the proper pace then made that frequency forbidden/ So I'm crankin up the bass to get the memory risen/ Come on/ Doc brown with me here now
Come on/ Florida for most its beyond borders/ Of strange and outrageous paths and their corridors/ Condors and unicorns
Condos and southern horn / of plenty overflowin carbonation takin place from the everglades to penny camp let's get a 51st state/ Move up out this worst case/ stand on computers to reach higher fruit/ Or program computers to learn you and reboot
Earth's mainframe aint human / So what you think doin/ When the end come around/ You a man or a woman or a cycle in an old sound/ Go bang in a wet cloud/ Call it lightning I just call it gettin down/ Intense television is ridiculous/ Intense television is ridiculous/ I was born in Huey's little tent/ by the river that Suzanne led leonard down to/ And I grew up in divine paper house/ Where sleep was the cousin of death no doubt/ And I'll be buried from the aeroplane over the sea and the rainbow
Track Name: Marcel Marcel
Born in the era of France before now
You were my kinda guy you made it my kinda town
You put the toilet in the gallery and everybody frowned
You put that nude on the staircase and the lady went down
You stripped the bride of her clothes
I used my eyes and touched my nose
To the wooden wall you built
Gazing through those holes revealed a body bein milked
For the retinal
I admire the size of your testicles
Short sighted might call you hypocritical
You made art and then you made art vestigial
just beasts in the mirror or abstractions in the window for
A later generation
You less a statement
And more a semicolon
Its Where you at and where you goin
you in this fuckin house
Godfather to Gordon Matta Clark you get it open

I stand in awe in the wake of your memory
It washes over us all but I guess something more got into me
I'm flooded with the passion to dismantle constructively
And I'm riding in this ark spinnin circles life in rotorelief

*i wanted to kill the artist as a little god*


Rise from the earth where inventor met the debutante
Into this old world and usher zen as the echelon
You wrote the limit for the scale that we measure on
Hypothesized the sampler you the shit get your forever on

Four thirty three
Fuh four thirty three

Silence out in woodstock
Man that's riots out in woodstock
Back in 1952
You was buddha what it do
But more like what It doesn't
You blessed Lamonte young in new school and mills
You kept it trill discarded frills
Made williams mix with tape reels
And used 12 golden throats and 24 folks to landscape the real
But you called it imaginary
That's very clever
You made paintings with smoke and rocks you were a black mountain legend
You Played chess with marcel duchamp
You hunted mushrooms for the thrill of it
And lived above johnn and yoko for an important hot minute

Track Name: Hydroplainin in my Wallies
Hyrdoplanin on my wallies
Hydroplanin in my wallies
Ughh i ghost ride my body/

I'm off that syrup cause I put it on my french toast
Me and my homies chill hard and just chill most
I rap like one two thousand
Skip three cause I'm far too clouded
So fresh man I'm lookin like I'm powdered
Rub women
Who love they own image
I'm in em like they popeye and I am the spinach
Often and gladly
They laugh cause I make them happy

I'm in the spot like pants
Far from here where my limits
My ears wear the privilege
Hear truth always finish
Every statement
Cause I know when it diminish
Strapped up when I hit it
Yeah I keep it moving like life long movie

I kill you easy like glass veins
I wax on wax off
like skateboards and cops
carry weight like Pelicans in flocks
No props all
Slots and I'm coined out like lots
of twenties in your pocket at grand prix watch it
And if you think ytou want to pop it with me
Then go ahead and pop it and we'll just wait and see
How much bubble over how much more it gone take
Cause my cup way bigger and I'm takin yours make
No mistake I am wid it I am zachg and iller than you're ever gone be


Allow me to reemphasize myself
My name is zachg
pissin on your crap see
Me in the backseat
Lickin on them fat teets
Stickin gettin nasty
Get her flyin while we drivin and she don't wanna fight it
We keep peacable Until I cut her
Like a pilot
Mach 10 glidin
Bustin through the sound barrier I bury her until she go silent
Breath on pant
My pants on
Lord in the flesh and my feet be my throne
Overstand where I'm at so understand I can't be cloned
And I'm savage off the dome
Like this a conan microphone
And I'm outta this world like I done fucked the ozone
From the outside

Ill be sippin dogfish fuck a saint ide's
Call me saint high
Ill anoint you with the potion
Less mark mcgwire and I'm more sammy sosain
All my Gs stand up and these fakers keep foldin
Keep on smokin keep on rollin
Get up in the pussy till she cummin till she floatin
go too long never had a good moment
Track Name: Sleepless Lions
***In this jungle/ in this quiet jungle/ there's a sleepless lion tonight***

I'm with foxes
Burrowing owl
Hares and opposums
Ospreys and oscars
Natives imposters
Emerge from the sawgrass unscathed know you saw that
Be a boss don't give a fuck about no boss hat
Cause I'm alone where I boss at
Endless expanses of
Wetlands and wildlife
Raised to have a spirit don't rely on a satellite
Don't fight
Found a way and a path
And I lao tzu walk it
Nobody else to it you allow you to walk it
I aint fuckin with a carpet at home
So what the fuck I care about one on TV
I got a family and a drive to be happy
So peace be the missile miss me or get at me
And if you get it twisted I will gladly unrap thee
you aint know my last you can call me zachg
Persistence and presence
And the package go deep
Don't got a mattress but I got my teeth
I keep them clean as well as my feet
My fate hold me down
Stomach got me on a leash
But if I break them things
Hit the surface then breach
First whale on the beach with them legs man
But just a long detour from the water
Imma keep on breathin pack of alveoli piranas in my chest
So how's that look from outer space
Read the writing on the great wall of china bout the race
Man it's long

So long

Life long

And if you aint got a smile then you aint gonna last
You'll be back in this life livin a loop through the past
Real liberation passed you
gotta catch up
The longing of past yous
Make you gotta back up
But life goin forward so its mashin your back up
End crippled end crushed end cracked up
Shoulda laughed in the first place
thought it was a quick road turned out it's the worst case
Cause it took you straight down
To the dirt happy birthday


There's a process
But its stacked under cautions
Costs less if you livin out of process
But then you caught up and you comin outta pocket
For livin that life that don't cost but it profit
Off makin others pay until they all up outta options
Relentless to get this rent this repentence and then this dimension
Collapses or ends its

Just that simple
Push that pencil
Till you off the page
Lead gon burn
And lines gon erase
You can ride this earth
Till your next birthday
You gon circle that sun
You gon learn that pace
You gon earn that year if you like this place
You gon lose one turn if you don't play this game

Aint no price right when money cost this much
givin too much life to get a profit off
Cars of the future still cats right
And the future gotta come what's that like
Sayin earth gon go
Water turn to snow
Snow turn to to rivers
And the rivers gotta flow
And then its back to the oceans unless its bottled up
And with more supermarkets always being more flush
How much of those glaciers on shelves right now
And can't refreeze so they carry degrees
Right on up with the price of gas
gas plastic and oil is really the past
We makin hollowed out earth and it can't go back
Till lotsa shit dies
There's a consequence it aint opinion its fact
That what we do with resources is finite math
And when we make it add up it aint gon be no blast
Aint a party for the fallen when they rose off wrath
So what you done with your life what you carved with your path sayin name yourself before this thing collapse